Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brown Bird Bag

I’ve started another bag and have a few new things I am trying with it.  The fabrics I chose are some of the drapery samples I bought at the JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts that closed in one location and sold all their merchandise at reduced costs.  I am also using some fabric that has birds on it.  I don’t’ remember when or where I got it but have always thought it was an interesting piece of fabric and wanted to feature it.

I started with Geta Grama’s  “Retro Fun” bag pattern from the Romanian Quilt Studio.  You know me, I usually change a pattern to make it my own creation, make it fit the size and configuration I need.  I do like to start with a pattern though and Geta’s bags patterns are great as they are or with changes.  I have made the Amilie bag at full size like the pattern and still love that bag – I also get a lot of compliments on that bag when I carry it so pass on where to get the pattern.  I blogged about this bag on March 5, 2010 – I tested the pattern for Geta and loved doing it too.

This bag is cut narrower and shorter than the original pattern.   I started working on the front panel first and it is different from the pattern as well.  I wanted to feature the birds so fussy cut the panel to show at least 4 of them then added strips of the drapery fabric to the sides.IMG_6383One of the new things I am trying on this bag is using vinyl for trim – you know fake leather look.  I made piping using the fake leather and added it to the top edge of this bag front.  Of course you can’t pin through it so used little bulldog clips to hold it in place and removed the clips as I came to them when stitching.
I did get along well sewing this vinyl because I decided to buy a new foot for my machine.  This is what the Bernina site said about this foot – “The non-stick coating on the sole of the foot glides easily over difficult fabric, eliminating any drag of the foot moving across the surface.”  Oh, they were so right!  I have tried sewing on vinyl before and always had some problem with the foot sticking.  I tried using my walking foot and sticking Scotch Magic tape the mat finish kind on the bottom and that helped a bit but not a perfect solution.  I decided to just bite the bullet and get this foot which was not cheap but I am so glad I did now.  It lives up to it’s reputation and sewing on this vinyl fake leather stitched like a dream.imageThe next step was to stitch the bird panel to the patterned backing and add the fake leather bag bottom.  This panel will make just one pocket across the front of this bag.
IMG_6387Did forget to tell you that if you are using this vinyl fake leather that you must keep the iron away from it.  Ask me how I know that!  As with a lot of things, experience is a good teacher.  I was pressing the lining of the pocket down on the bird panel and didn’t even think about the vinyl piping.  When I looked at it after the press job I was shocked to see that I melted the brown vinyl cording so had to rip the seams out, make more cording and re-stitch it all.
IMG_6440 Well onward to get this bag made….without pressing any more of the vinyl!

Until Later,

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Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

You got it right with that foot, and I have enjoyed mine, but haven't used it often... maybe I need to buy some vinyl just to have the reason to use it?! LOL! Beautiful projects.


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