Thursday, September 25, 2008

La Fleur - Miniature Quilts

Another day with nothing new to show - good thing I have a lot of quilts I have not shown you. I started quilting in 1981 but won't have to go that far back I hope to keep posting something interesting to look at and read here.

I want to apologize ahead of time to any French speaking readers for the names I gave these quilts if they are wrong. I asked a friend who took some French in school and got her advice on how to say "the flower" in French so that is what I named these quilts "La Fleur #1, La Fleur #2 and La Fleur #3". Is that the correct form and spelling? Please let me know if it should be different in any way. The photo below is not in the correct order #2 is first, #1 is second and the un-quilted one to the right in the photo is #3.

I made these for a class I taught using paper piecing techniques. The quilts measure 8 1/4" x 9 1/4" and were made in 2004. When I teach a class I like to give students an idea of what the design looks like with the values reversed - it can make a quilt look totally different as you can see from the photo of #1 and #2.

Here is a detail of La Fleur #1 that shows the machine quilting and the detail of the leaf. The leaf is made like flying geese only they are graduated sizes and then reverse appliqued under the background to give the leaf the curved shape.

I love Mariner's Compass blocks and it is so much fun to have students piece this 3" block with no problems. Most don't have any idea they can work this small but after they learn the tricks and tips they learn it is possible for almost beginners to piece this quilt. I do like anyone that takes this or other PP classes I teach to at least have done some paper pieceing or I spend way too much time explaining how to do just the basics.

I used 1/16" piping around the inside of the binding and like the added detail. The binding is a little less than 1/4" wide on these quilts.

Guess I need to get that last one quilted now as it has been sitting in my UFO box for some time.

Until later....


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