Friday, September 26, 2008

UFO finished - Yay!

After posting the La Fleur quilts yesterday and commenting that I should finish the #3 one I decided why not get it done right away. I layered it and machine quilted it and even got the binding all stitched yesterday.

I will have to admit the quilting is not as good as I wanted but it will have to do as I am not taking it out. I have a tendancy to be a perfectionist and am working on letting some things be ok the way they are.
I think we will be starting harvest soon, maybe as soon as tomorrow. Since I am the grain cart driver I have to be out there most of the time. Do have a few days I have scheduled to be off but if I am not driving I will probably be fixing meals to take to the guys in the field.
Will try to get some photos of the harvest process posted a few times to show what I actually do and what it all looks like.
Until later....

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Linda said...

Hi Lynn--I think your quilting looks terrific! The funky feather border is the greatest--this from someone who is working on her own funky feathers! Good luck on harvest--it's a rewarding but hard working time of year--just remember harvest is followed by quilt time!!!
Lurking Linda


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