Monday, September 15, 2008

Pintucks & Couching

I did get a chance to start working on the purse last evening and had fun using some different techniques on the flap. I decided to piece the flap but will follow the pattern for the rest of the pieces. Am using several of my fabrics so hope it all comes together in the end and looks coordinated.

Used my pintuck foot and put 7 rows of pintucks then skipped 2" then 7 more, etc. When I started pintucking I thought I would just do the entire strip. After doing the first 7 rows I thought it might take me forever to pintuck the entire strip so just spaced 3 sets of pintucks and called it good! Using the foot was really easy and I did insert a small cord to make them stand up more too.

On the other side of the flap I used the free motion couching foot. I think my yarn was a little too thin as the stitching didn't catch in a few places but after I was done I went back and stitched the yarn down in the loose spots. This was really fun and could be really addicting so watch out for other couched threads on future projects.
Now to figure out what other pieces I need to cut. This pattern is not the easiest to figure out as the only photo or diagram of the entire purse is the one on the front and reading her fabric choices for the different pieces is a little difficult.

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