Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Messenger Bag/Purse Progress

As you can see from the photo the messenger bag/purse is coming along. I didn't have any black Velcro or could have finished it the other day. Yesterday I had to go to Hastings so picked some up at Wal-Mart.
That in itself is a little tricky and requires a lot of reading of packages. I wanted the "sew in" kind and they had lots and lots of packages of different sizes, etc. of Velcro but only one of the kind I wanted - a package of white and a package of black. There were all sizes and colors of the stick on kind or iron on kind. Thought for a purse with lots of times opening and closing I wanted it to not come off so needed the kind that is stitched down. When I am at a regular sewing store the next time I plan to look at the Velcro and see what they have and maybe get some to stockpile until I need it.

When you live at least an hour away from any shopping besides groceries you tend to buy things when you are there instead of when you actually need them. Invariably I decide to make something on the spur of the moment and need the materials on hand. I can't always make the trip (nor do I want to drive somewhere if I am fired up to work on something).

I tend to buy groceries ahead too and always have things in my cupboard. Part of that is due to growing up in the country and living in the country all my life. When the weather is bad or if company shows up after 6 or on Sunday our local grocery store is not an option. The small towns just can't keep the hours that city stores do and sometimes the weather is so bad we can't make into even our local town. I know people that have moved here from cities and don't understand why I have so many canned and frozen foods on hand and why I don't just buy a week's worth at a time. They soon learn. Besides I really don't like to take time to buy groceries any more often than I have to.

I really digressed there didn't I? Well now, back to my purse. I have the lining stitched together and added a long zippered pocket to one side and put a small zippered pocked on the other side. The pattern just had one pocket on the inside and had elastic in it but I like to keep a few things in my purse a little more secure.

I also added a small Velcro strip to the inside of the outside purse pockets. Thought that would also help things from falling out.
I really like the way the designer did the strap. It looks like it has binding on the edges but is not how it is done. The part that looks like binding is actually the underside fabric. It is cut larger than the front piece of fabric and after they are stitched together and turned, the back rolls around to the front - cool!

Hope the purse is not too stiff as I interfaced all the fabrics to give the batiks more body. Think it will soften up the more I use it.

Back to working on my bag.


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