Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mastering Your Bernina - New Owners Class

Took my first of the new owners classes yesterday for my 730 and learned a few things I didn't know already so was glad I went up. Knew one of the other gals in the class as a fellow quilter, NSQG board member and also we lived in the same small dorm at UNL so had lots to chat about.

I set the mileage counter on my car to see exactly how many miles it is from my house to the Bernina Sewing Studio in Lincoln. From my garage to the parking place in front of the store is exactly 99.7 miles and it took about 1 hr and 45 minutes to drive. I still am glad I got my machine there as the support is great and they know the machines and how to work on them if needed.

This morning I sat down and did the rest of the lessons in the hand outs - there is not enough time in the 3 hr. class to cover everything. I did the samples and wrote questions for the instructor for next time as well as wrote myself notes as to what my settings were for that particular exercise.

Am thinking I need to have them look at my tension as I really have to adjust the top tension so much tighter than the set number to make it sew OK. When I was stitching straight lines before the adjustment I could pull the bobbin thread out so easy. Would make ripping easier but definitely not good for seams!

I did adjust the bobbin a little by loosening the screw some but it still doesn't look quite right to me. I think I will try a different thread and see if that makes a difference. Right now I am using Mettler Silk Finish #50.

Heard on the radio on the drive home yesterday that it was predicted to freeze in south central Nebraska last night. I never heard if it did freeze but sure hope it doesn't freeze here yet as my flowers are so pretty now.

This first photo is of the south east side of the front of our house. I have flowers and bushes all around my house so only showing a few of my favorites.

These are close up photos of two of my mums. The orange mum is like a giant ball and is almost 2 feet tall and 3 feet across and as packed with blooms as this photo.

Since John isn't home for dinner this noon I forgot to eat and just looked at the clock. No wonder I my stomach is growling it is 1:30 pm already so better go to the kitchen and rustle up something to eat.


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Georgeta Grama said...

I am crazy about these flowers !


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