Thursday, April 9, 2009

Amaryllis Watch

I think, I think, I think it just might make it by Easter. Look how much that Amaryllis bud opened yesterday and overnight.

There are two flowers that will be opening right away and two smaller ones inside. I am so happy this bulb is blooming again. I didn't really have it in the best spot last summer - rhubarb leaves ended up growing over it so it was blocked from the sun. This year I must put it in a more sunny location and fertilize it more often and maybe I will get more blossoms next year.

After I took the photo yesterday I really looked at the photo - really like the window screen in the background so did the same thing this morning.

We almost had a catastrophe last night though. John was lowering the mini blinds on the window where this plant sits and stopped just in time so the blinds wouldn't hit the bud. He knew I had been watching this bud like a hawk so held on to the blind cord and asked me to come help him. Got the plant moved out of the way but it is back in the window this morning.

Made dinner rolls yesterday for our dinner on Saturday and they turned out great! That is a real important statement for me as I never make rolls. Actually I don't like taking the time to cook most of the time even though I know how and am a pretty good cook when I do it. I would rather be playing with my sewing machine or computer instead of spending time in the kitchen.


1 comment:

Elaine Adair said...

Fun .. I'm helping you watch. This is as interesting as watching a block get put together! Thanks. 8-)))


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