Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Second Borders Attached

I just finished stitching the second border and tiny flange (folded strip on the inside of this border). I figured out I needed to attach this border before I pressed my flowers to the corners of the quilt. Will be much easier to get them placed into the correct position this way.

I did get the flowers and leaves ready to go and this morning will get them pressed on so I can stitch the buttonhole around them later today if possible. To keep the petals in position I lay the pattern under the pressing sheet so I can see the pattern through it. I place the petals down with tweezers then press to keep them all together. I can peel them off the pressing sheet and apply them to the fabric. This pressing sheet is really handy to pre-construct sections before attaching them to the fabric.

You can see one of the large flowers getting the center added in the photo below. If I use my fingers I seem to have trouble placing them exactly where they should go. Also use the stiletto to maneuver them into place.

Don't think I will be keeping the green border that wide but will trim it down after I stitch the next border to it. I know it is kind of backwards but have been using Elmer's School Glue and the method I describe in this tutorial to get my borders placed exactly where I want them and keep the width very even and when working with borders and flanges this small stitching them on in the traditional way is so much harder to do. A variance of just a few threads on a seam line can seem large when looking at miniatures.

Happy Quilting,

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Betweens said...

Lynn...your mini applique is just gorgeous. I am learning so much about your techinque please continue you may see one on my blog soon..LOL but not so detailed I am sure.. they are just absolutely gorgeous.. wonderful Nebraska views


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