Monday, April 20, 2009

Borders On

I did get the other borders on this miniature but not sure about the outside one yet. I do want to quilt a pretty design (I think) in the cream color so that is why I made it this wide but am going to think about it a while before I layer it for quilting. May trim it down some to get better proportions.
The next photos are what I am thinking of doing for the binding and another flange of either the bright pink or the burgundy just inside. Have a photo of each with two different green fabrics. What is your opinion on all - border size and binding choices?

I will not be posting for about a week as I am going to Paducah with my two sisters and a friend. Same as last year we are staying with the friend's mother in law, a sweet, sweet lady. You can read about my trip last year on this blog. Have heard that the dogwoods may not be still blooming like last year - boo, hoo, hoo. They were so beautiful and wonderful to see. We don't have dogwood trees here in Nebraska as it is too cold for them. Will have lots of beautiful quilts to see and shopping to do though.

Have my shopping list and my camera ready but don't have my suitcase packed so guess I had better get that done as today seems to be slipping by and I leave here in the morning.

Until later,

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Betweens said...

Lynn you must be busy like me quilting your mini masterpiece. It looks lovely soon I will be able to create my own with your wonderful tips.. thanks for taking the time to post your mini applique adventure.


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