Saturday, April 4, 2009

Three Baskets

Well, I finally got the last of the stitching done on this third basket. Like the way it turned out with the dark purple I chose for the basket. Again I did use YLI silk thread for the stitching.
Here is a close up of the flowers and the buttonhole stitching that is pretty true to color at least on my monitor. Felt like I was going blind by the time I got done with all the buttonhole. Was watching the needle through the magnifying lens on the machine and used the #20 foot and running my Bernina, very, very very slowly to manage the small shapes..

I took a photo of all three basket blocks with my paper copy of the ruler under them to give you an idea of their actual size. Taking photos with flash with the actual ruler just doesn't work as the flash bounces off the plastic of the ruler so you can't see any of the markings. The blocks all look so different from each other. I can't put off figuring out how I want to set them any longer now can I?

You may want to click on the photo to see the blocks better as they are pretty tiny right now. I started out with the same pattern but each block is a little different from the rest. Since they are going to each be in a separate quilt I didn't have to keep them exactly alike.
Weather wise - the wind was strong and blew in a quick rain storm this afternoon but we are supposed to get snow tonight. The strong winds were from the east this morning now they are from the south with a little time between direction changes with little or no wind. That was heavenly - the sound of the wind can drive me crazy after so many hours of it like today. Some years we have a spring with out much wind then others it seems like it wants to blow everything to the next state, one direction one day and another the next.

Need to do some cleaning, organizing and cooking this week as I am having a big family dinner next Saturday noon. Since some have a several hour drive we decided Saturday would work better for everyone. Right now I have 18 extra coming for dinner that day. There might be a couple more so we will have quite a few people around the tables.

Needless to say, I may not get too much sewing done this week - maybe I can use that time to get my plans for these quilts figured out. I really don't know for sure how I want to set the baskets and how big I want them to be when finished yet.


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Béa said...

Gorgeous work !
Hugs from France


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