Friday, April 10, 2009

One More Day - Almost Open

Yay! I do think two of the blossoms on my Amaryllis will be open by the end of today. What do you think?

Now I need to figure out where I can put it tomorrow so my guests can see the flowers but where it will not be in the way or get bumped. The flower stem is 22" tall but it has grown very straight. Don't think that has anything to me rotating the pot every hour the last week do you?

Today will be busy as we get ready for our company tomorrow. S. and the two grandsons came yesterday and this morning we are going to decorate egg shaped cakes for dessert, color real eggs for Easter Egg hunting and work on some curtains S. wants to make for her boys bedrooms. I have a little last minute cleaning to do too.

It is a clear day and should be nice out today so maybe we can get some playing outside as well.

Listening to the news this morning to see how bad the damage is from the wild fires in Oklahoma and Texas. We have relatives in the Midwest City, Oklahoma area and are anxious to hear that they are OK. One is a fireman so worry especially about him.


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