Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mini Light Box

Have you ever needed a quick light box? I have come up with what works for me and is no trouble to set up.

First I purchased a cheap florescent light and took the plastic cover off and threw it away. This light measures 18" long and I think it was originally made to attach under counters as there are holes for screws but that is not how I use it.
I place it under the Plexiglas surround on the shelf that holds my sewing machine. I only have a 7 1/2" width to work with but that is more than enough for the miniature I am working on or other smaller things that I need a light box for.

The next photo shows the light turned on and the quilt I am working on laid on top of the design. I know you can't see the design under the quilt top but I can see it really well. Works for placement of appliques and marking quilting lines. When I am done using it I just slide it out and set it on the floor under my sewing table - easy to reach when I need it again.

I use this same light for a larger light box also using my sewing machine table. Check out how in this blog entry.

Enough time away from the machine for this computer break so back to sewing. We have our quilt guild meeting tonight and if possible I want to get the top all pieced and appliqued so I can show it at the meeting.

Happy Quilting,

1 comment:

Jane said...

Great idea for a lightbox. Thanks for the idea. I am going to be working in the overbrook Quilt Connection booth at Paducah. Say hello if you see the booth.
Jane in Kansas


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