Friday, April 3, 2009

Tulips Before The Snow

Snapped some photos of the first tulips blooming in my flower bed. The flowers are really short on this variety, only about 3" off the ground. Sure hope they don't get covered with snow this weekend. Snow always flattens everything, especially if it is heavy. A snow storm is predicted to blow through here Saturday and Sunday and could dump quite a bit of the white stuff.
Think I will get outside this afternoon and run the riding lawn mower over our grass. We didn't get it mowed the final time last fall so it was longer over winter than I usually leave it. Now the green grass is trying to grow through the brown and it looks really ugly. I want to have it done before the storm so it won't be a bigger mess.


Just took a look at my title bar and realized the quilt blocks on the quilt are actually larger (at least on my computer monitor) than the real quilt. The "real" quilt has blocks that are 2 7/8" square.

I will miss this quilt after it is gone. I am donating it to our guild's small quilt auction April 21 so it has a couple more weeks here. It has been done for a while and hanging on my flannel wall so I have had a chance to enjoy it before it finds another home.


tich said...

Meant to say, I LOVE the new title bar. Can we see a picture of the whole quilt?

Elaine Adair said...

Hey girl - I'll send you a weather update if/when something happens! Frankly, I am looking forward to a big snow storm, on a Saturday, and I can sew, maybe bake, and watch my quilt program - just vegetate!


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