Friday, May 15, 2009

Fabric Flowers & Real Flowers

Today I have gotten the two rings cut out and seam allowances glued down for this next flower basket quilt - not much progress but every little bit counts. This photo is of them laying on top of each other but not stitched down yet. Think I will do flowers in the corners like the other quilt but have not traced them on the fusible - maybe this evening or tomorrow I will get that done.
I slipped outside this morning and took this photo of the flowers on the south side of our house. The irises are starting to bloom so pretty now.
That's all for now as I must get outside to mow my yard. Works OK with my "wonky" foot as we have a riding lawn mower and all I have to do is sit. When I finish the lawn I need to mow the rest of the yard but will have to have help getting the grass catcher off the mower. Will look good when I get finished but always an itchy job. Will tie a plastic shopping bag over my ugly shoe to keep the dirt and grass off if it. I will really look strange - I wear a large hat to keep the sun off, long sleeves, sun glasses, long pants and gloves so the plastic bagged foot will just add to my ensemble!


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