Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miniature Almost Finished

This miniature quilt is almost finished - all but the hand stitching to tack the binding down on the back plus attach the label. Feels good to have one of the three this close to being done. The deadline for this one is slowly approaching as is the other donation quilt.
10" x 10 3/4"
As you can see, I trimmed down the last outside cream border quite a bit from what I had added earlier. It was just too overpowering for the quilt and I like this better. I added a burgundy folded piece to the inside of the binding to finish it off. There is no spectacular quilting on this piece as I felt the applique needed to be the center of attention and didn't want viewers to be distracted by the quilting. Hope I was successful.

I free hand quilted (with the machine) around each applique and stipple quilted the background. The two green borders were just stitched in the ditch.
It is so hard to imagine size on miniatures so I took this detail photo of the basket with my left index finger laying on the quilt. (Please don't look at the state of my fingernails and cuticles - I just never find the time to take care of them.) Guess I shouldn't have said that now you are all looking and gasping in horror!

Taking a break to put my foot up and reading a book now this evening. I know I should be doing the hand stitching on this little quilt but this book is just calling my name and I can't resist. I love to read and evenings are perfect for it.

Happy Quilting (and Reading!)


CarmiƱa said...


It's a lovely miniature Quilt.
Thanks for share

Geta Grama said...

It is incredibly beautiful !

Nazapatch said...

wow... thats so amazing... i loved applique and this one is so cute... Thanks for sharing

Bethany said...

Oh My Goodness! You have done an amazing job. I love it!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Incredibly beautiful! I just love your work on miniatures.


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