Monday, May 18, 2009

Peices and Parts

Have the pre-fusing done on the flowers and buds and now am ready to get the corners put together on this next quilt. I did get the double oval ring stitched down over the flower basket last night but need to release a few of my seams now so the paper will come out easily later.

I probably won't get any done on it today as my daughter S is coming down to help me plant my garden and to run the vacuum cleaner on the floors in the house. Those two things I just can't manage. The garden is needing to be planted and I didn't get it done before the surgery as John had not gotten it tilled by then.

I have found also that running the vacuum is just too much for my foot. Not sure if it is the weight of the machine or just being up on my foot more. The floors need a good cleaning and since we are having overnight company on Tuesday I am very thankful S is helping me out today.

She called and is on her way and will be here in about 30 minutes so I had better post this now. Will show you a photo I took yesterday before I close though. We loaded up a trailer load of yearling heifers to take to one of our pastures. They sure didn't know what to think of the pasture and took off running after being unloaded. Here they are running along the ridge of a hill. They pretty much ran until they got to a fence then followed the fence around. By today they will be settled down and enjoying all the green grass.
Until later,

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tich said...

Hope you are feeling better. Your miniature is just gorgeous. Take it easy!!


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