Saturday, May 23, 2009

NSQG Auction Quilt Finished!!!

Flower Basket
11 ¼" x 12"
Made for Nebraska State Quilt Guild Auction July 2009

I worked until 11:00 pm last night but finished putting the last of the hand stitches around the label so this quilt is officially DONE! This morning I soaked it in Retayne to set any dyes that might want to migrate then washed it in quilt soap to get all the starch out of the fabrics. The quilt was quite stiff by the time I got it finished.
This is a detail photo of one of the corners. The quilt is not perfect and some of my red flanges are not as even as I wanted them to be but decided this was good enough. There are a few other things I see wrong with it too. I guess I need to stop being such a perfectionist as most people won't even see those spots.

What a good feeling to have both of the quilts I volunteered to do for these auctions finished. I was getting a little worried about getting them done in time but now those worries are over.

Not sure what I will work on next but it will be a pleasure to not be under a deadline. Maybe I will finish the flower basket quilt for myself now. Again not sure how I will set it but it probably will come out different than the other two since I start with no plan and let it evolve.

Some decisions are made because I run out of fabric. The backing on the quilt I just finished has a pieced back as I ran out of the wild batik I used in the borders. I stitched a 3" strip of the purple fabric in the center to extend it long enough for the backing. I tend to buy fat quarters and am always running out of fabric but in a way like that as it forces me to think of how to solve the problem. I originally didn't plan to use any of this fabric in the piecing but just use it as the backing. It added so much to the flower basket block I just had to use it as all my other choices were just boring.

A cousin and his wife will be here tonight and A and the two granddaughters come tomorrow, plus my sister in law and her family (7 or 8 of them) are coming Monday for Memorial Day so need to be thinking about what to eat, tidying up some and doing some laundry.

Oh, by the way, getting the stitches out yesterday was just fine. I couldn't even feel them being taken out so don't know why I worried. Have some Steri-Strips across the incision now that have to stay on for a week. Today I am officially cleared to wear regular shoes. Sounds good but I can't get my left foot into most of them but a couple pairs of flip flops! I am sure the swelling will continue to go down and I will be able to wear my other shoes in no time (I hope).

Until Later,


Linda said...

Lynn, that is just beautiful! I've been watching you progress on it. And you are soooo right. No one else see's your slight imperfections. And I don't believe for a minute, that there are any. LOL
Glad you have the stitches out now and able to at least wear flip flops. Keep healing.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Beautiful work!

Geta Grama said...

Beautiful quilt !

Anonymous said...

I love it !!! It's beatiful.


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