Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Evening Ride

Here are a few of the sights John and I had on our 4-wheeler ride last evening. We decided to ride down to our two close pastures that are only a few miles from our place to check the cows and calves and to check the fence. We have some temporary fence up in both pastures and the deer are always running through it. More than once John has had to drive down and get one or two cows and calves back in and fix the fence.
We live close to where the Oregon Trail went through Nebraska and this marker is only a couple of miles south of our place. In fact there are places in a couple of pastures between this marker and the river that you can still see the ruts that the wagons made those many years ago as they traveled west.

The marker is set at the edge of the ditch next to a field of wheat. It sure was pretty waving in the breeze last evening. In a few weeks it will be turning golden and getting ripe. Looks like the same stuff in front of the marker but that is just brome grass that is about to pollinate - great for itchy skin and watery eyes!
This is a photo of the Little Blue River we have to cross to get to one of the pastures. The road just got opened up again this spring after it was closed for over a year while they put in a new larger bridge. It sure makes traveling to this pasture much shorter since it opened. The Little Blue is not a big river but it is pretty and meanders on it's way east to eventually join the Missouri River. Notice the swallow in the upper right of the sky. They build nests under the bridge so you always see them in this area.
A photo of one of the pastures.
I just wasn't brave enough to follow John down into this ravine and up again to check that temporary fence. You can see how steep it is when he is on his way back. I am a big chicken when it comes to things like this.

The owner of the neighboring pasture put in a new dam to catch rainwater and to help keep the gullies from washing so bad and the old fence got taken out where the dam was made so for right now until the fence making guy gets to it they have put in a temporary fence that obviously the deer love to run through.

Have not had a chance to sit down and do any sewing this afternoon yet. I worked outside in my flower beds getting the new soaker hoses I purchased laid out where I wanted them. I should have done this a while ago before the plants got so big but guess it is never too late.


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