Saturday, May 30, 2009

From Ideas to Fabric

After finally deciding what fabrics to use, I got started framing this basket block today. The first two borders are appliqued with the invisible stitch and the swags are fused and then buttonhole stitched with dark purple thread. I do like the look of the swags and plan to use them in one more border on this quilt yet but don't know where. The quilt just evolves as I finish one section at a time.

The tiny red border is about 1/8" wide and the print is about 3/8" wide. Scale is so hard to tell without any reference. Will have to use a ruler in some photos as I continue.

I do want to put flowers in the corners like I did the other two quilts so will probably be working on them next. It takes quite a while to fuse and cut all the pieces needed so it may be a few days before I have any more progress to show you.

John and I took a drive down to two of our pastures this evening to check the cows and to enjoy the fresh air. We each drove a 4-wheeler (some people call them quads)and listening to the birds as we drove along was so nice. Didn't see any deer or wild turkeys this evening which is unusual - we usually see quite a few down by the river where the one pasture is located.

The cattle in one pasture didn't like the 4-wheelers tonight and ran away from us but the cows in the other pasture just watched us for a little while then went back to munching grass. It was getting almost dark by the time we got home but we had a great time.

Until Later,


Geta Grama said...

wow, very beautiful !

FLO_rancher said...

What a wonderful tool to use to design a quilt. Sew Peacefully DEB};o


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