Saturday, October 3, 2009

Added Beauty

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful;
they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
- Luther Burbank

I agree with Luther Burbank 100%. (By the way he is a very distant relative of mine - isn't that a nice coincidence?) I picked these mums from my garden in the morning and stuck them above one of the monitors in my tractor. They were so pretty to look at all day - I wonder what the hired man thought when he got in the tractor after me last night.

The picture above shows what the inside of my tractor looks like on the right side. There are lots of screens and controls but most of them I can ignore. Some are used for planting and other operations John does during the year. The long skinny screen between the windows has my speed, gear and RPM, plus I can set the auto temp. control and see what it says on that screen too.

The control below is my master control for driving the tractor and operating the grain cart. A - controls the RPM, B - controls the gear. I use those while driving the tractor. C - will put the grain cart auger up or down, D - starts the power take off shaft. When the auger is up and the power take off has been started then I can open E to let the grain go up the auger and dump into the truck. F- will control the end of the auger. I can tip it up or bring it down if I need to to make sure the
augered grain is falling into the middle of the truck.
It is very important to always have the auger up before starting D and E and to not put the auger down while D and E are running or you can have a pile of grain on the ground and something will break. That doesn't make hubby happy. So far I am remembering to open and shut down in the correct order. When I am filling a truck I keep my fingers on E so I can shut it down quickly if I need to or if something goes wrong. It is too easy to reach over with out looking and grab the wrong control if I am not careful. Most of the time I am looking over my left shoulder at the grain going into the truck.

The photo below is of the 2-way radio. We have one in the combine, tractor and trucks. We can talk to each other instantly and this works better than cell phones. John can tell me to move up farther with my tractor when he filling me up as an it goes, another day of harvest.


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