Friday, October 23, 2009

Beading is Fun

I finished beading this needle case last night. Since there is an uneven design I had to watch my pattern closely and I ended up marking each row before I started it to help me keep on track. The fun thing about this needle case is that the pattern for the lid is just a continuation of the bottom so if it is closed tightly you can't tell where it is.

Posted this photo above in case some of you were not familiar with these beads or the size of the needle cases.

I can do this beading while watching TV as I have a lap board, clip on magnifying glasses and a bright light. I have found beading is pretty addictive, just like quilting, although I save it for evenings when I want to sit in my chair in the family room and relax and watch TV.

Don't know about the rest of you but I can not just sit and watch TV. I have to have something in my hands to do, especially during commercials. If I don't feel like doing any kind of needlework I will work on a Sudoko puzzle or have the laptop computer on my lap. Do any of you have to keep your hands busy when watching TV like I do?

One of our daughters and our two granddaughters are coming today - Yay, fun times! Since school is in fall break they all get the day off. Probably will not get any sewing done until next week now.

If it dries off we sure want to get out to the field to finish harvesting. Still have several weeks left to do, but thank goodness we have the soybeans finished and only have the corn left. It is making all the farmers worried as the season is getting late and we have had some snow already. The corn is still standing but a big snow storm could lay it flat. It isn't raining today but still overcast and damp out. We got about 1 1/2" of rain the last couple of days so just having the fields muddy will be a problem for a while unless we get some sun and warmer temp.

Usually our fall weather is dry with maybe an occasional shower and nothing like this year. Most years the crops dry down on their own so harvest can move right along with out drying in the bin. Most years we are about finishing up around now so you can see we are just not used to these delays.

Wow, just read what I wrote, I am getting as bad as the farmers around here - need to stop worrying and discussing it so much. It will get done eventually and you are all probably tired of my whining about it.

Happy, Happy Quilting,



ooh! I just posted today a question, How to bead?? adn here is your lovely little needle case..
i've never beaded, any tips or how to's sewing a strip of beads on a quilt?
i.e. a long string of green beads up a flower stem etc...
that kind of thing...

free indeed said...

A tute would be a great idea! I have a couple of those wood needle cases - you sure jazzed them up real pretty! I'd like to try my hand at that!

paula, the quilter said...

That is a wonderful needle case! I just picked up a toothpick case, bet that would work for it too. Thanks for visiting my blog, Jane, and entering the drawing for the Kaffe Fassett fabrics.


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