Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beaded Pendant

Found a very few Delica beads at Hobby Lobby last week. Am so glad as I wanted to do some more beading right away. These tiny beads are hard to find here in central Nebraska. Did hear of a place in Hastings that might carry them so will have to check it out.

I used the directions for making a triangle in Diane Fitzgerald's book Shaped Beadwork. A friend made one similar and rolled the tip over and used a larger bead to attach it to the center of the triangle so that is what I did too. That makes a place to run a chain or cord for a necklace.

I was thrilled it turned out so well. When I was beading the triangle I just made it as big as I thought it should be - no planned number of rows.
Now I can't wait to wear it! I have to thank my friend - now I am hooked on another kind of art.

Burr, it is really getting cold here today. I am not sure the temp. got over 45 and dropped all afternoon. We have only had a little spitting rain occasionally but the weather man is predicting snow for the next two days. Yes, I did say snow. It is plenty early for snow here and we sure don't want much if it has to fall.

Harvest has pretty much come to a stand still now. The corn is still really wet and taking a long time to dry down. The drying bin empties automatically into a storage bin when the corn gets to a certain % moisture. Since it is so wet it is taking a long time to reach that optimum dryness. The guys filled the bin last night and it had not even gotten half empty by noon. What we need is a hard freeze. Freezing will help the corn in the field reduce moisture naturally and that is what we want as Mother Nature's drying is a lot cheaper and more efficient!

Tonight is a big football game between the University of Nebraska and the University of Missouri. It is a televised game so we have the TV tuned into ESPN. It has been raining down in Missouri last night and all day today so it might get interesting. John and I, both being alums of the University of Nebraska, are rooting for our team.

Game just started and the rain is coming to post this so I can devote my attention to the game. Go Huskers!


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tich said...

Your pendant is lovely! Have you thought of making two, joining together, adding a flap, and you have an unusual evening bag? (I still haven't finished mine!)


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