Monday, October 19, 2009


What a wonderful time I had last Thursday through Saturday! Thursday night was our monthly quilt guild meeting and our guest speaker was Bonnie Kucera from Hickman, NE. She had a trunk show of scrap quilts, most of which were hand quilted. Wonderful designs and execution!

Bonnie came home with me after the meeting and stayed at my house until Saturday when we went to the workshop she gave for the guild. Bonnie and I have known each other for 40 years first meeting when we were in college when we lived in the same dorm. She was assigned to me as a "little sis" those many years ago. We re-connected through the Nebraska State Quilt Guild quite a few years ago.

While she was here I didn't have to go to the field so we talked, talked and talked. She got in on moving the guys to another field and even got to ride in the combine with John. The time went so fast it seemed.

The photo below is of the workshop project - Srapaholic. This is a larger version and the photo below is of Bonnie and a lap quilt size of the project.
This was a great project to use up scraps and we traded fabrics with others in the class to increase the scrappy-ness of the blocks. The blocks are made six at a time with 6 fabrics. Each of the blocks has the fabric used in a different position as you can see from the set below. Bonnie had all kinds of little tricks to help make the block and to remember where and how the half square triangle blocks are positioned in each block.

To put the quilt together you need to have more of the sets done than I have but this is how the larger block will look when 4 are set together. Two of my blocks are from the same 6 fabrics.
These blocks are the same size as my Split 9 Patch blocks so wonder if they could be used together.....Hmmmm? Will try it out on my EQ6 program when I have a chance but right now I want to get back to stitching since I have the morning off.

Happy Quilting,


Geta Grama said...

The quilt looks wonderful !
too bad I don't have patience to piece scrap quilts!

Elaine Adair said...

Wow! for these last 2 posts! LOVE the scrappy project of Bonnie's. I attended her Trunk Show at Convention 2008 - she's a hoot, and really over-the-top crazy using up the teeniest scraps! This pattern looks interesting. Thanks for the photos.


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