Friday, October 2, 2009

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I added a new list on the right side of my blog today. I went through all my old blogs and found photos of all the finished projects I have posted so far. Most of them are made by me but there are a few made by others. I did this for me as well as anyone looking at by blog.

I can't remember if I have posted photos of older projects and if I have then where or when did I post them.

I didn't have to work in the field today as John was finding it hard to find dry enough corn or soybeans to combine. He did a little on some dry land corners (dry land areas are places that don't get irrigated). The dry land acres usually dry up sooner in the fall so they can be harvested first.

Was glad I didn't have to be out in the wind today as it was ferocious! Think it was up to 40 MPH gusts at times. One fellow's combine put out some sparks from it and caught the field on fire. The fire department was called as well as lots of area farmers. They got it out before it burned too much but some soybeans that had not been harvested for two farmers burned.

Area farms came rushing to help with tractors and disks and water wagons. They disked up fire breaks where they could and disked over patches of nearly extinguished fires. The heavy equipment really helped the fire departments out.

Think there were 4 rural towns fire departments at the fire. The fire departments here are all volunteer and they do a good job but don't have as many trucks as large city departments have. Besides that they have to haul water for the rural fires - farmers were also helping with that too.

They no more got that fire out and there was another just a few miles away that started in the middle of a field. They are not sure how that one got started but it was lucky that all those fire departments were close or it might have gotten close and burned a small town that was only a mile or less from the fire.

It is customary around here to always help a neighbor with anything if help is needed. By neighbor I mean the whole community. When my father in law was ill for several months and died during harvest time we had 15 to 20 people that came with combines, trucks and food for the workers and finished combining for John. They left their own fields to do this for us - you don't know how much that means until you are the recipient of such kindness.

All farmers know that they need to get everything harvested as quickly as possible as that is the whole years income sitting out in the field. Weather can damage the un-harvested crop so easily. We have had years when it snowed before we got it all out and years when it rained too much to get into the fields and had to track through the fields and prayed you didn't get stuck. There is always a sense of urgency during harvest so sitting idle is not easy for John or any farmer wanting to get in the combine and go.

That is all for now I guess - kind of got off on a tangent didn't I?


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