Monday, February 1, 2010

Around the Twist - Quilting Done

38"x 46 1/2"
Finished the quilting on this Around the Twist UFO and now am trying to figure out what to bind it with. Have not found any of the fabrics used on the front and so far have not found any of the backing. I am considering/figuring out if I have enough of the backing on the outside of my quilt to cut off and make binding or if I will just have to fold it over from the back to make the binding. I guess I just need to measure the length of strips I can get after cutting them off and carefully measure how much length I will need to go around the quilt to see which method I will choose.

I quilted an undulating feather design in the navy border and kind of a hook like feathered shape for the corners. The photos of this quilt really don't capture the colors of the fabrics very well. The orange looking fabric is really kind of a burgundy color and the outside blue/navy is really a dark blue that almost looks black. Have tried all kinds of settings on my camera and in Photoshop Elements to get the color correct and it just isn't happening.



Geta Grama said...

Love the quilting !

tich said...

Gosh, you are quick!! It takes me ages to do anything!! Want to come over and finish some of my UFOs. Your quilt is gorgeous!


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