Sunday, August 7, 2011

QuiltNebraska Class Projects

QuiltNebraska has been over for a week now and I did get to sit down to finish one of the class projects a few days ago.  This is from the Hawaiian Applique by Machine class taught by Sarah Smith.  The satin stitching is a little rough but the more I stitched the better I did get though.  One thing I tried to do that ended up to be a royal pain was to narrow the stitching down gradually at each point and then to widen it gradually going the other direction. 

What made this so difficult is the width adjustment knob on my Bernina 730 has no stops so it was hard to increase and not go too large.  It got very tedious to say the least.  I am not sure what would have worked better but with the number of points on this piece it was sure not fun.

Here are photos sized from my other two classes.  Not sure I will do much more with them but did love learning what the teachers could teach and will hopefully be able to use the techniques on other quilt projects.  The cheery Sun is from Mickey Depre’s Animate Your Applique class and the partialiy finished tree is from the bobbin drawing class by Marjan Kluepfel
 IMG_3776  IMG_3779 
Today was cooler so it was a nice change from the near hundred degree days.  I am not getting much sewing done but eventually I will have time again.  It seems like every summer is like this though.

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Chris said...

Lynn, it may have been difficult but you to beautiful results on your Hawaiian Pineapple. I hope to learn to machine applique in the future. :)

paula, the quilter said...

My Bernina is an older model that has knobs rather than a button. I have found that it is easier to remember how much of a twist I give my wrist when doing this type of applique. It's all wrist action, baby! LOL! Really, though, my body remembers the motion.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Lynn---the Ulu block AND the points look fabulous!!!!

Sorry there aren't any bumps in the dial to help... one thought..... is there room where the dial is to tape a bit of toothpick to, say, noon and 3 pm (or wherever the desired width is) on the dial? You could then feel maybe with the tip of your finger. If you have room to use tape (Scotch makes a removable tape that is like post-it stickum...easy to get off) you could hold your fingers on the dial so just the tip of a finger touches 3 pm. Then twist gradually until the fingertip touches noon (to decrease), then pivot and increase until finger touches 3 pm again... does this make any sense? If not, write me and let me know and we'll take this into e-mail or I'll call you! You'd need to figure out where you need the knob to point, then just tape something bumpy to the desired spots....

Cheers, Sarah...and what a thrill to surf in and see the Ulu block!

Lynn said...

What a great idea Sarah - I had not thought of that. Will give it a try the next time I do this.


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