Friday, August 5, 2011

A Walk Around The Farm Yard On A Hot Summer Day

That title pretty much sums the weather the last few weeks.  We have had extreme heat andIMG_3455 high humidity for weeks.  I spend the majority of my time inside our house where it is air conditioned but I do get out to mow the yard and water my flowers and garden but don’t go out just for the fun of it as I don’t tolerate heat too well.  Being a former red head I burn rather easily you see.

The other day I did have to make a trip IMG_3456out to turn some water off so grabbed my camera and walked around and snapped some photos of some of the things I saw around our farmyard.  First I walked through the Quonset with the shop in one end and storage on the other and noticed the row of old saddles.  There they were lined up over a pipe, collecting dust.  These were well used and worn saddles but for many reasons are not used anymore.  Some are intact but others have had parts robbed from them to repair other saddles.  Looking through the dust you can see the beautiful tooling.

On the way to the barn I crossed a moon landscape….maybe not a real moon landscape.  OK, not the moon but a dried up puddle.  The cracked former mud sure has a great texture though.

Bart (left) and Jesse (right) greeted me IMG_3467as they thought I might have something for them to eat so they came running when they saw me walking toward them.  You might ask why they are in different pens?  Bart is a pain in the patootie and quite ornery but he can eat pasture grass, where as Jesse is well trained but gets overly fat when she is out in the pasture that is close to the barn so she has to eat hay in the lot by the barn instead of being in the pasture all the time.  A fat horse has too much trouble running, breathing and other problems caused by carrying the excess weight.  (Hmmm…it is the same with people too isn’t it?)  A lot of times the two horses are standing beside each other across the fence just hanging out.  Bart doesn’t like being separated from the other horses but when they are together he is not nice to any of them either.  You would think he would learn to be a good boy.  Right now it is just the twohorses here on the farm as our two geriatric (old) horses are at one of the pastures with the cows for the summer so I think Bart is trying hard to be nice to Jesse.  Jesse is rather dusty in this photo as she had just been rolling around in the dirt to try to help keep the flies off of her.  The dust helps protect her skin from the biting flies.

As I was heading back to the house to cool off who should drive in but my hubby.  He had to go to a town about 35 miles away to get repairs and was just getting back.  He is smiling as he is also in an air conditioned pickup but soon would be back in the heat getting that piece of equipment fixed while I will be cooling off in the house. 

So much for my short walk, now it is time for a cold glass of lemonade.



rose prairie farm said...

I have been like you, going out just to water in the morning and feed the livestock. I live on a farm in Northeast Oklahoma. WE have had the worst heat and drought in many years. So a/c and me are good friends. Love your pics.

Desley said...

I enjoyed reading a bit about your life and horses. So different for a city gal on the other side of the world.


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