Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quilt Labels Finished

I am finally getting labels on the last two quilts I finished last spring.  Had the label on the first one all stitched down then looked at it, really looked at it – can you spot the huge error? 
I am not sure how I overlooked that year number as I checked for balance, fonts and making the print bold to get more ink on it but obviously didn’t really look at the wording very well.  Thank goodness I didn’t delete the original on the computer so I could go back to the computer and printer to make another copy with the right year on it.  I am making these labels using Bubble Jet Set 2000, a solution to make ink jet printer ink permanent.  Just click on the link to read about it if you need more information.

The flower designs were cropped photos of the quilt “Sweet Remembrance” in Photoshop Elements.  The cropped photos were pasted into a Word document where I typed up the label information – kind of a cool way to bring the design from the front of the quilt to the label on the back.  Here is the new and improved label now stitched to the back of the quilt.IMG_3898
The two quilts I labeled today are going to be taken to the Nebraska State Fair on Wed. for the State Fair competition and I needed to put my own label on them plus the state fair requires that I cover my name on the label with another piece of fabric that has my name and address written on it then cover that up too.  That is an added level of security in case the fair tag gets lost.  I just baste on the state fair label so it can be removed easily after the fair.

I never plan on getting a ribbon on my quilts as I know all too well the problems that each quilt I enter has but love having something on display at the State Fair each year.  The competition is pretty stiff too so any ribbon is exciting.  Last year there were over 700 quilts entered….I wonder if there will be that many this year.  Last year was the first year the Nebraska State Fair was in a new venue in a new city so lots more quilts were entered from the western and central part of the state.  

The second quilt I am entering is the small challenge quilt I made for our guild last spring.  It is nothing special but I just like the colors and want to put it in the Nebraska State Fair quilt competition so it can also be on display.

Hey – got the job done with one day to spare!


Karen said...

Beautiful label! I had to laugh, as that's the kind of mistake I make. Good thing you caught it before you left home!

jomaj said...

How funny is this - I'm a Nebraska girl living in Massachusetts and I DID THE EXACT SAME THING TODAY! I misspelled a word, and didn't "see" it until it was (of course) all neatly stitched on the quilt. I was so ticked off at myself! I'm making a new one tonight when I get home. I already corrected the spelling error. I'm relieved I did not fuse it to the quilt before sewing it down!

Elaine Adair said...

Hallelujahhh! I'm not the only one who gets her nose so close to the subject matter that she doesn't SEE! 8-))) I call it not seeing the forest for the trees. Love it. 8-))) Especially the part about


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