Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sweet Corn

IMG_2967Our sweet corn was ready to harvest during the weekend I was attending QuiltNebraska so guess what I had to do on Monday morning?  Well, I didn’t “have to” but I love my own frozen corn so much better than any I can buy I “want to” preserve it this way for eating the rest of the year.  I wrote a blog about the procedure I use in a blog post long ago on August 22, 2008.  Still do it the same way each year so why repeat what I have talked about before.  So far I have not dehydrated any this year but re-reading this post reminded me that this would be something else I might want to do yet.  It isn’t quite as important to get the ears picked at just the right time since the kernels from older ears dry just fine and grind up great for cornmeal.   That might make good gifts if I get it done and have extra.

I was really tired of standing by the time I got it done but the feeling of satisfaction of having enough corn in the freezer for the coming year makes it worth it.  I had 7 pkgs. left from last year so put a little more in the freezer this year as that was cutting it pretty close.  I always serve corn from my freezer to company, especially if they do not put up corn themselves.  They are always amazed at how good it is, more tender and sweet than what they can buy.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Just picked the first of the sweetcorn yesterday. Not enough to freeze yet, but it's coming. I've frozen sweetcorn every summer for the last 40 yrs and I agree with you that you just can't buy any as good. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing it since it's almost always hot & humid when it's ready. Last year I cut it off the cob first and then used the microwave. Didn't save any time but didn't heat up the house as much.

Mary L. said...

How I miss having a freezer full of sweet corn! Early on I was taught to cut the kernels from the ears, blanche it, then cool it as you mention. I remember years I had corn cooling in every sink and bath tub (inside another container). Then I learned that the blanching was not necessary at all and it was a whole new world! . 20 C. fresh sweet corn, cut from ears,2 C. sugar,
scant 1/4 C. canning salt. Let it set for a short time to bring up the juices; bag it and freeze it! I like it even better than when I blanched it. Sadly, I haven't had any for years!

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

How SWEET! Good job!

Carol said...

As I am a recent follower of your blog, I went back to the original blog post on how you did it. I could almost taste that wonderful sweet corn. Looked fabulous. Sometimes we can get the Olaf Sweet Corn from Colorado about this time of year so I am looking for it. I was taught to cut off the cob, not quite down to the cob, then "scrape" the ears to get the "milk" then cook in a pan for eating immediately. I always do some off the cob and vacuum seal for winter and it doesn't last long! quiltinggranna


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