Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Basting Finished

The basting is finished on the split 9 patch, finally! Below is a photo of the last section waiting to be basted. By this time my fingers were sore and I was counting the stitches left.

Trimmed the extra batting away leaving a couple of inches extra all around. I did leave the extra backing at the last end to be basted since it will not be in the way and will get trimmed after the quilting is finished anyway. The other three sides have about 3 inches extra batting and backing so if the quilt top shifts a little I am covered. There should be no movement though with all the basting I did on this one! When I basted the last quilt this way I had my lines of basting about 4" apart and longer stitches (3") and it did shift a little. Maybe shift is not quite the right word....it was more like too much fabric that wasn't basted, kind of like a bubble that I had to pin to keep it flat.

Of course I didn't have any quilting thread for this one on hand to start quilting so purchased some when I was in Grand Island yesterday. I am going to quilt with light thread in the light areas and dark thread in the dark areas. I do have an idea for the quilting design but have not drawn/sketched it out yet. Have a couple of other things I need to finish before I can start doing that though.

I have to finish the guild newsletter tomorrow, get it emailed and mailed to the members plus I am doing the program for our quilt guild in a couple of weeks so decided I had better get my thoughts organized and samples made for that too.

I volunteered last summer to do a program on fusible web used in applique and of course have not gotten it organized until now. I have been thinking and making decisions on how and what I want to do so that is a start - right? I purchased 9 different kinds/brands of fusible web and am making samples of each one. Think it will be interesting to have a hands on comparison.

I try to think of something I want to learn about and volunteer to do a program on it. It forces me to do the research to learn about the technique which I might not do otherwise.. I learn lots and hope everyone else does too. I like giving programs and doing the research and making samples but I know that is not everyone's cup of tea. Try it if you can as you will gain a lot and help the program chairman out too.


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