Friday, March 26, 2010

Yippee - 56 Finished Today

I totally amazed myself yesterday getting all 56 tags finished that I had prepared the day before. (Reported that I had 58 but I mis-counted and there were only 56.) After stitching so many they seem to go quicker all the time. I again stitched them all up then took them to the family room and put in a movie while I turned them all right side out.

I guess I was too fast or there were not enough of them as I got done before the movie was half over. I did pause the movie and went and pressed part of them, rewarded myself and went back to watch more of the move, back and forth until they were all ready for the plastic to be stitched on.

The walking foot does help a lot but I have still had to use the paper most of the time for the presser foot to run across. Think the sewing machine gets warmed up and therefor the plastic gets warmed up and it wants to stick. I have been using the paper most of the time as a buffer between the plastic and the presser foot then I know I will not have problems.

Am up to 139 finished so happy to have that many done. I wonder how many my guild members will do. Sure would hate to have made too many but I guess I can always use them as gifts if I end up making too many. Not sure if I will make more today or take a break from making luggage tags. I hate to get out of the groove since I am on such a roll but to be honest I am getting tired of doing the same thing all day long. I would never have been good working in a factory would I?

It was so beautiful outside yesterday I just had to get out. I walked out to see the new calves but covered my nose and mouth so I wouldn't breath in any of the dust. Didn't think my sinus doctor would like that this soon after surgery.

This calf was very curious about me standing on the other side of the fence and it's mother was close by to make sure her baby was safe. Isn't it so cute?

The calf walked closer and the mother was right beside it and soon after I took this photo she turned in front of the calf to put her body between me and the calf. Notice the matching ear tag numbers - 309. We tag the calf with the mother's number so we know which calf belongs to which mother. John always likes to tease that the number in the calf's ear is so the mother can run around looking for her "kid" by the number. The cow knows which baby is hers but we can't tell the difference, especially when all 100+ cows have had their calves so the ear tag number system is for us not her.

So far a beautiful sunny day out even if it is a little windy. You have probably noticed I post a lot of weather stuff here on my blog. It is kind of the fist topic of conversation among farm folks because so much depends on weather for us. We like dry weather when we are calving, rain on planted crops, dry when we harvest, dry to damp when we plant, etc. If farmers could dial up the weather for the day depending on what activity they are doing I am sure they would figure out how to do it.

Here's to a brand new day!

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Anonymous said...

The tags are fantastics.I like them


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