Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Sewing Yesterday - Baby Quilt Photos

I hate to not post anything quilty so dug back into my photo archives and am posting photos of all 4 of the quilts I made for my grandchildren. The first was a girl, S. is now 9 and this is her quilt. It was machine appliqued with the invisible method and hand quilted. I was very proud to win a first place ribbon and top baby quilt on all 4 of my grandchildren's quilts at the Nebraska State Fair. I do need to get new photos of these quilts as I have a better camera now that would pick up more of the details, especially of this quilt below. We had just gotten our first digital camera the fall I entered the quilt in the State Fair so don't have any other digital photos of it. Somewhere stashed around this house I have printed photos but sure don't know where right now.

This next quilt was made for the sister D that arrived a year after S so I had to hustle to get it done. She is now 8 and a real cowgirl and loves anything with horses on it so her quilt is just right for her. This quilt was hand appliqued and hand quilted. Once I started hand quilting the grandchildren's quilts I had to do the same for the rest, at least that is what I thought at the time and did manage to do, although they seemed to take longer and longer to make.

A year and a half later our other daughter had a son C. who is now 7. This is the circus quilt I appliqued by hand and hand quilted for him. Was fun to do but it is a good idea to plan the sizes of the background squares to go together more easily than I did on this quilt. I just made a background block any size that I thought looked good with the animal or figure I drew. Took me forever to put them together and figure out how to get them to fit.

Mr. M was born 4 years ago to the mother of C so one of our daughters has two daughters and one has two sons. I just don't want Mr. M to grow up as I just love the way 4 year olds can tell a story. He makes me laugh so much. The girls are wanting to sew when they visit now and I am thrilled about that too. This last Christmas when the boys were here they saw S. stitching up a tote bag and think they want to sew this summer when they come for a visit so am glad to help them all to learn to sew.

His quilt was appliqued using the invisible machine method and hand quilted. I added a corded piece of fabric just to the inside of the binding on this quilt. Liked the little bit of bright color it added to the edge. Found some funky poke-a-dot fabric that I appliqued for the eyes of the bright fish which was fun.

All my good intentions of sitting down at my sewing machine left me after lunch yesterday. I was just too tired to do anything so took a nap instead. Guess the surgery took more out of me than I thought. Maybe today I will get there. I am feeling pretty good and am not having much discomfort at all so things are going pretty well for me post surgery.

Thought you might be interested in reading this article about a woman who was a child prisoner of war in Singapore during the second world war. Very touching that this woman got a chance to see the quilt she helped make so many years ago.

My Tenko Quilt

Just a few drips of rain so not too wet so far today which is good. Had a brisk wind yesterday to help dry things up a bit more too. We had a couple more calves overnight and I am anxious to see them when I heal a little more. Don't think it would be good for me to go out and get all that dust up my nose just yet.


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tich said...

Those baby quilts are gorgeous. Puts mine to shame! What a lot of work. I love them all.


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