Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Get Sidetracked - Do You?

Do you flit from one project to another like I do? I finished my program on fusible webs for my guild meeting on Thursday night then wondered what to do next. Since I had not made the block for the exchange at the meeting that was first on my list. It is the 12" Lady of the Lake block in the cream and red fabrics. It was pretty easy with all half square triangles so went together pretty quickly. Would be wonderful to win the drawing - no mater how many blocks I would win.

The little block on the upper right is the president's block that isn't due to be handed in until the May meeting but decided to just get it done now since I wasn't in the middle of any other project right now. (Whoops, guess that isn't entirely true as I have several projects started or nearly finished - just didn't want to work on them right then.) Each year the member that is the president of the guild selects a block she likes and all the members are to make a block for her. I would like to say that most members make the blocks but lately that just isn't true. It is almost embarrassing how few get made for the president. Not sure how we should change that or motivate everyone to make her a block.

The last block is a friendship star that will go to one of our members that retired from the postal service as a post master. Our guild can request blocks for any member they think needs a boost or congratulations, etc. I try to make all the blocks that are requested but again there is a problem with a lot of members not doing the blocks. I hate to have some of these projects abandoned because of members lack of motivation to get them done.

Feels good to have the blocks done and the program ready for Thursday. I still want to go over my notes and examples so I can make sure I am familiar with my material. I don't like rushing around doing last minute things - good thing I have everything done.

Happy Quilting,

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West Michigan Quilter said...

Love your Lady of the Lake block. And, no, you are not alone. I think I flit far too much. That's why I don't seem to get anything done! But it sure is fun, isn't it.


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