Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Melting Snow - One Day At A Time

Thought you might like to see the huge snow drift outside my sewing room melt and disappear. I certainly was glad to see it melting day by day to be sure. I started taking photos every few days so here is a story board of the "Wonderful Spring Melting of the Snow."

Jan. 7, 2010----------------------- Feb. 24, 2010

March 03, 2010

March 07, 2010------------------ March 08, 2010

March 09, 2010--------------------March 15, 2010

March 16, 2010
So glad the snow is almost gone but it did do some damage too. Either the weight of the snow or freezing/thawing did the damage, but what ever it was it caused one of the caps on the railing to shatter. The bowl of the cement bird bath is broken into 4 pieces as it too couldn't take the weight of the snow and broke.
The ground where the snow drift sat for so many months is pretty compacted and now is super saturated. The melting snow soaked in and soaked in. I am hoping it will dry out before too long as my garden plot back behind the house was also under this drift and is very, very wet.

On the south side of our house I have tulips and jonquils up about 5". I still have last year's flower debris in the flower beds so will have to carefully get them cleaned when it dries out some. I just hope they don't get frozen as it is still getting cold at night and some snow is predicted for later in the week.

This last photo was taken just a few moments ago. Notice how blue the sky is? We had sun for the first time in weeks so it was wonderful to see the sun and blue sky, even though there were a few clouds out there. We weren't too far from the clouds though - notice the cloud line part way up the skyline. We were lucky to be in the sunshiny part of the state I guess.

As you can see all those snow piles along the driveway are gone now - YAY! All those drifts over the split rail fence are gone - YAY!

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