Monday, March 22, 2010


I had sinus surgery this morning and now am sitting in my recliner here at home feeling a little wiped out. No sewing today for me. The procedure was outpatient and I had to report to the hospital at 6:00 am which meant we had to leave home at 5:00 am. Not my ideal time for getting up and being on the road but at least I got released to come home early - we were back home by noon. Hopefully the surgery today will take care of my problems. I had sinus surgery in the fall of 2008 but it was more major surgery and this wasn't as long or as involved.

Well now on to more pleasant things. Am showing you a couple of photos I took in 2004 when we lived at another place. We tore the old barn down in the background the year we moved as it was in poor shape and not able to be repaired and fixed up. Hated to see it go but we needed to do that at the time to get the place ready to sell.

I thought the barn made a neat background for the photo of the crocus in bloom that year right around this time. In fact it was taken on the 14th of March that year and this year on the 14th we still had lots of snow to melt - still have some little drifts that are trying to disappear and are a little smaller each day. One of these days they will be gone.

The close up of the crocus flower shows the detail of the stamens and the color variation of the flower petals. I am not sure I have any crocus planted here where we live now but will have to do that this fall as those flowers are such a welcome sight after the winter snows.

When I am feeling better and can get outside to the cow lots I want to get some photographs of the baby calves. We have 9 calves now and probably one more soon today as a cow was in labor when we got home this noon. One of the cows had twins again, this is her third year having twins. This year the cow had one bull calf and one heifer calf.

The wind is blowing today and John is glad. The mud is drying up and the wind will help speed that process along. It is so much nicer for the cows and calves to have dry ground and not to have to walk and lay in really wet lots.

Am getting sleepy now so will prob. take a nap.


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Denise :) said...

Lynn, glad to hear you're home & resting after your surgery. I hope it's a speedy & complete recovery and you're feeling up to quilting again soon! Sinuses are a booger (pun intended as an afterthought)! :)


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