Thursday, March 25, 2010

Luggage Tags Ready to Stitch

A couple of my quilt guild members donated fabric to make luggage tags so got them all cut out yesterday and prepared to start sewing today. I got fabric cut for 58 more tags from what they donated. I like to cut a bunch of the rectangles, press under the one end and cut the ribbons then stack them ready to sew.

All I have to do then is pin in the ribbon, lay in the interfacing and stitch them together. I got 34 stitched, pressed and plastic sewn to them yesterday, so another batch is done. Think I am up to around 80 tags finished now.

After I stitch the tags around the first time I take them into the family room and sit in my chair to trim corners and turn them right side out. That way I can take a break from the sewing machine for a while. By the time I got the 34 done yesterday I was pooped! Don't think I will get all 58 stitched today as that is a lot to work on at one time and I still get fatigued from the surgery so have to rest once in a while.

This silly photo below is what was left of that HUGE snow drift behind my sewing room. It finished melting yesterday but look at how ugly my brick patio/sidewalk is. Think I will have to take John's power washer and give it a good clean!

Sunshine today makes me happy. It was overcast yesterday again but we lucked out and didn't get any rain but it stayed cloudy all day anyway. Today is bright and clear and the temperature is up to 41 F (5C) and should get warmer by this afternoon.


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tich said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better. I scrolled back to your original post about the luggage tags. Why does your friend need 300 tags?


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