Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Working On Guild Program

This afternoon I worked on the program I will be doing for my local quilt guild in a couple of weeks. My plan is to present information on using fusibles including tips and tricks for more success. I have purchased 9 different kinds of fusible and am now in the process of making my samples.

All the background fabric for these samples is going to be unbleached muslin and since I want to wash one sample of each and don't want to have a bunch of raveling I have serged all the edges. I have had this Bernette serger for many, many years - probably close to 30 or more years. I used to use it a lot before I got into quilting. I used to sew garments all the time plus made many rolled hemmed napkins for family and friends.

When I started quilting I did less and less garment sewing and now just don't even like sewing garments. I think the last garments I stitched were the bridesmaid dresses for both of our girls weddings 9 and 11 years ago. I would much rather be quilting so that is what I do.

Even though the serger is old it still works just fine and want to keep it around for those times when I do need to finish the edges of something or other.

Here is one set of samples that I still need to do the buttonhole stitching. I cut my applique pieces using two different color fabrics. All green fabric has the fusible under the entire applique and the pink has just a window of fusible - I cut it away on the inside leaving only 1/4" of fusible next to the edge. The inside was cut away before it was fused to the pink fabric.

I cut the appliques with rounded corners and square corners to also show how the fusible holds up in those situations. Each of the green and each of the pink appliques will be stitched half way around with a machine buttonhole stitch so we can compare stitched and unstitched areas.

I have used a permanent marker on the samples to mark the name of the fusible and mark which sample will be washed. Want to see how they each hold after laundering. Will the unstitched halves stay fused after washing, etc.?

Do any of you have a favorite fusible? If you would like to leave me a comment on which one and why you like it that would be great. Also if you have one you just hate let me know that too.

I plan to have a chart where I will take notes on each one as I am pressing, stitching, washing, etc. I will leave room for guild members to make notes too as I will be passing the samples I made with product samples around the room so they can feel and see.

I have already seen some differences that are good and some not so good. I will share what my observations are with you all too as I get them finished. I really do like giving programs and think it is fun to show or tell about something I have learned - any of you feel the same way?

Today was absolutely beautiful!!! We had temps into the mid-40s today so the snow is slowly shrinking - YAY! Of course with the melting snow is the mud that comes with it. I am so glad we live on a paved road and that the part of the yard that we drive through has quite a bit of rock so isn't too muddy. The migrating geese were flying over today day too - lots and lots of them so that has to be a sure sign of spring too, right? Had to be out and about doing a few errands this afternoon so enjoyed the wonderful temperatures.

Sure hope this post makes sense as I am typing it as I watch the University of Nebraska women basketball game against Kansas on TV. The Husker women are winning with only 4 minutes left with a 7 to 48 lead with only 2 minutes left. A great team this year with 28 wins in a row if you count this one. Go Huskers!

Until Later,

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