Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hostess With the Mostess

Our wonderful hostess each year in Paducah is the mother in law of our friend Diane.  Betty Jane is the sweetest woman to allow the five of us to crash at her house for a few days each year.  We try to make our stay less work for her by bringing food we have fixed at home and can re-heat for our meals, plus snacks too.  We try to do the dishes and clean up after each meal but this year she shooed us out a couple of times before we got it all done.

Betty Jane is not a quilter but still is interested in everything we do while at the show.  Each evening when we return for the day we kick off our shoes, fix some snacky food, open a bottle of wine and relax on her screened in porch while dinner is heating.  The outside temperatures were mid 70s I would guess the whole time we were there so it was really nice on the porch. 

After our "happy hour" we have show and tell.  We all bring the bags of goodies we have purchased that day and take turns showing Betty Jane and each other what we bought or about what we saw.  She asks us questions about the treasures we have purchased if she doesn't know what we use it for or how it works.  She just laughs at how excited we get about certain things.

Betty Jane is one of Paducah's Red Coat Ambassadors and worked one day during the convention.  This year she was assigned to work in the "bubble".  She was to answer questions and to guard one of the emergency exits so someone wouldn't accidentally open that door.  Guess the air pressure in the bubble would be awful if a door was opened that should not have been and could suck you outside. 

We all really appreciate everything Betty Jane does to make our stay wonderful and to be able to stay right in Paducah is the best when we know a lot of people have to travel to lodging miles away each day and evening.

More Paducah report later,

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