Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Bags Are Packed....I'm Ready To Go

Just a quick note - if I can do quick and short that is.  Today is the day I leave for Paducah.  YAY!!!!  Meeting my sister in eastern Nebraska around 10, driving to Kansas City to pick up our friend then on to Columbia, Missouri area to stay with our other sister.  Along with my niece, tomorrow morning we will leave fore Paducah.

Seems like I have been waiting forever for this week to come, I hope it doesn't go too fast as I want to savor the experience.  If it will be like the last two years it will be wonderful and I will fill you all in when I get back.

Yesterday I thought I was so organized and I was.  Had my bag packed, food ready to take, house semi-clean.  I was watering some outside plants before I left on this trip and decided to come in the house to get a drink as I was pretty thirsty.  Well, it is a good thing I did as I heard water, lots of water and ran to the stair door to the basement and opened the door.  I could hear a waterfall!

Ran outside as fast as I could and turned the faucet off next to the front door, ran back inside and down to the basement to see if that shut the waterfall off....it did thank goodness.  I guess the inside works of the outside faucet must have broken and all the water, at least 10 minutes of full blast water was going down into the basement.  Thing is it was still coming out my soaker hose in the flower bed so I didn't know it was happening.

Called John who was planting corn in a field several miles away and I proceeded to start moving things out of the room.  The large room where the water was coming in is used for a play room for the kids and an extra sleeping room when we have company so there are lots of toys, book shelves, play kitchen's, etc.....you get the idea.  Besides all that we have an extra queen sized bed, extra twin bed, couch and a couple of chairs too. 

By this time the water covered 3/4 of the room which by the way is carpeted with a foam backed carpet.  I got the small shop vacuum out and proceeded to start sucking the water up.  I had emptied it 3times by the time John got there and he went out to his shop to get the large shop vacuum he has there.  We filled it several times too and got as much as we could sucked out of the carpet. 

I started the dehumidifier right away and have two fans blowing down there to help dry it out.  We will have to empty the dehumidifier out twice a day (Uh, John will because I am leaving in an hour and will be gone all week).  Anyway I am hoping it will be dry and not smelly when I get home.

Need to shower yet so must close - talk to you later.



Geta Grama said...

Have a nice trip !
Enjoy the quilts !
Show us pictures !

tich said...

Have a great time and buy lots of goodies!!


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