Monday, April 26, 2010

My Trip To Paducah

my sister Jeannine, me, my sister Barb, my niece Caroline, our friend Diane

The trip to Paducah last week was great, wonderful, fantastic,...etc.  We arrived early afternoon on Wed. so had time to go down and get our entry fees taken care of and do a little shopping.  Decided to wait until Thursday morning to start looking at the quilts.

We like to all get t-shirts alike each year and this year we bought them at the museum.  They are the same design we get each year but the message around the outside is different each year besides the current year printed on them.  This year the message was a little tongue and cheek joke. 

This year's message; "In the name of the stash, the bash and the big E's collapse!  Amen."  The big E they are talking about is the large Executive Inn that is attached to the convention center - it is closed and the city owns it now.  Guess they are not sure what will happen to it, if it will be torn down or sold and renovated.  This hotel had many rooms for guests (sleeping) plus some large rooms that in the past were used for vendors.  It left the show in a real bind when it closed and the city of Paducah purchased a large pavilion that was erected outside the convention center to help house more vendors and quilts.  It was like a blow up large room and there were lots of vendors and some quilts on display in it.  The "bubble" as our hostess called it was air conditioned and was really light and roomy so it was very pleasant to shop.  I think all the vendors liked it except the ones right beside the large air conditioner vent - burr it was just way too cold in that spot.

Thought you might want to know what the last two year's messages were on the t-shirts; 2009 "In the name of the shears, the beers, and the 25th anniversary!  Amen."   2008 "In the name of the fun, the friends and the fabric...Amen."  I wonder what next years will be?



Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

So glad I got to meet you, Lynn! I'm glad you came up and introduced yourself. Mom and I made it home safe, but had a close call with a tornado north and west of Nashville.

The Quilt Ladies said...

What I great trip for you, thanks for sharing, I hope to do it some day too.


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