Thursday, April 29, 2010

Paducah Purchases

 It is time to show you what I bought this year at Paducah - I know you all are probably wondering so here goes.

I got these cute pendants made from porcelain from Hook & Ayres Design.  You can see how small they are compared to a bobbin.  They will be perfect to hang on a chain for a necklace don't you think?

The webpage is not too current but does explain about their products if you click on "About Us" and has an email address to contact them if you want.

Next - different colors of the leads for the Fons and Porter or Bohin marking pencil.  I have the white and just love it.  Actually they are not lead but a chalk product that brushes off.  Will have to test the colors as I use them to make sure they do come off the fabric but I do know the white is just wonderful.

 My sister talked me into getting this next product - a cute pair of snips.  She has a pair of these spring action snips and just loves them.  These are from Tooltron Insustries.  Barb told me a story about these snips and her 4 yr. old granddaughter J.  One day Barb couldn't find them and looked all over.  Finally she asked J if she had seen them.  She babysits J 2-3 times a week and she loves to "help" Barb sew.  J said she didn't know where they were and probably the ghost took them.  After a while Barb looked in one of the places J likes to play and found them.  J was still insisting the ghost took them but told Barb that she really liked them too.  Barb has her use them to snip off threads so J gets a chance to use them now and so far that ghost has not taken them again.  That pesky ghost has been to work on other missing things too so J is now lovingly called the ghost.

 Fabric - I didn't buy much as I have so much here at home but did pick up 5 batiks.  They were inexpensive at Eleanor Burns Quilt In A Day shop downtown and out at the fairgrounds where she had a large tent and building full of fabric and her other products.  A couple of pieces I got at another shop downtown  - also a discount fabric shop.  I got a couple of yards of each of the fabrics and figured I could use them as wallhanging backings or piecing in a larger quilt.

Eleanor Burns has a fun thing she does to get people back to her shops more than once.  Each day she has a color featured and any fabric that is predominately that color is reduced by $.50 a yard.  The fabric is already $5 a yard so that gets it down pretty cheap.  Of course her store downtown has a different color each day than out at the fairgrounds so we have to check out both every day.

The black fabric with the stars and the purple/pink fabric with it may be a purse/bag someday and the black and white might me a garment, possibly a skirt or jacket.  Of course all that might change when I think about it more and start on a project.

 I had been anxious to see the new titanium topstitch needles that Superior Threads are marketing and purchased size 70, 80 and 90.  Have done a little machine quilting after I have gotten home and have the size 90 in my machine.  It works great and is supposed to last much longer than the regular needles.

 While at the Superior Threads booth I also purchased a bunch of thread on the larger cones.  I love Master Piece thread for piecing my quilts.  It is strong but finer so is less bulky in the seams.  I got several neutral colors and the 3000 yd. cones should last me a long time.

I also bought two spools of King Tut on the cone.  I have a large quilt that I am going to machine quilt at some point so these are destined to be used on it.

Bernina sells bobbins in bulk at the show - it may not be the company but a vendor of Berninas.  Who ever they are it is great to buy them a little cheaper than the pre-packaged ones I can get at my dealer.

That is pretty much it as far as what I bought I think.  I have put everything away so had to go find it all to take photos of my treasures.  It is a lot of fun to search the booths for those things I just can't live without.



paula, the quilter said...

I have some of those snips. I use them to snip off spent blooms in my African Violets and Shamrock plants.

Joanne said...

It is so wonderful to see quilts at quilt shows, but getting to stock up on supplies is fantastic too!! ♥


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