Sunday, April 4, 2010

Luggage Tags...Done for a While

This week I finished making another 21 luggage tag for my project to get 300 done for my friend.  Think I am up to around 160 and am really tired of making them so decided to stop for a while.  I have quilt guild friends that are making some too and will wait and see what come in from them before I cut and stitch more tags.

After making as many as I have I can almost make them in my sleep.  It is much easier to make them in batches too.  Saves wasted motion to cut a bunch, stitch a bunch, turn a bunch, press a bunch and stitch on the plastic in a bunch.

Happy Easter to Christians around the world.  We will be going to our son in law's parent's home on Sunday noon - they don't live too far away.  Can't get too far away from home for too long a time, even on Easter, as the cows don't care when they have their calves and we need to check on them pretty often in case one is in trouble and needs some help.  We had church early then a pot luck breakfast after church so we will be well fed today for sure!



DeAnna S. said...

Those tags are just great. It would be neat seeing one while at the airport or on vacation. I would be totally amazed....that would be something. Enjoy your day and Easter gatherings. Happy Easter.

Angela said...

those are so cute...what a fun and quick project! Well, if you're doing 300 I guess it's not so quick and maybe not terribly fun : )


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