Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taking My Baby In For A Check-Up

I had neglected to take my Bernina 730 sewing machine in for its 1 year check up last June and finally remembered recently.  I took it to the dealer where I purchased it and had it checked out, cleaned and oiled on Thursday while I shopped in Lincoln.  Don't get to Lincoln very often anymore so called ahead and made an apt. to make sure the machine could be worked on that day.

I have an extra bobbin with the spring for added tension so took it along and had him check both bobbins and reset the tension with the thread I usually use for piecing, (Masterpiece Thread.)

He updated my BSR foot plus I took my walking foot along as I had heard that they should be oiled occasionally and I had never taken it in so that was done too.  I have had this walking foot since I purchased the Bernina 150 which I had for quite a few years.
I did get my machine back into my sewing table but have not had a chance to use it yet.  Maybe sometime this weekend I can sit down and sew a bit.

I was told me my machine had a little over one million stitches on it already.  It was a demo. machine for a while so some of those many stitches were already on it when I purchased it, but WOW that is a lot of stitches.  I really wonder how many I actually stitched myself.

I did miss out on a snow storm while I was in Lincoln though.  (Really don't feel bad to miss it though as we had so much last winter and don't want to see anymore for a while.)  I left here by 8 am to get to Lincoln by 10 when the store opened.  I drove in misty rain the entire way and it was a little sleety when I got there but it stopped soon and was just overcast the rest of the day.  John called me and said it was really snowing like crazy here at home.  I guess it snowed pretty hard for a couple of hours but was all melted by the time I came home.



Cindi said...

Good for you for taking care of your baby, Lynn! I'm sure it appreciated the drink and the massage and will pay you back in kind over the next year. I clean mine out religiously after every single quilt (and sometimes twice!) and take her in once a year for a spa treatment too. I wasn't aware of the walking foot needing oiled, so I'll take mine in the next time. Thanks for that tip!

tich said...

I was supposed to take mine for its massage in March, but it will have to wait until July now, as we are not going off island soon. We are having fun with the granddaughters.

Chris said...

So you're happy with your Bernina overall? I'm in the market for a new machine.

PS - I lived on "P" Street in Lincoln when I worked for the University. Go Huskers!


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