Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quilt Guild Meeting

Tonight we are having our monthly quilt guild meeting.  Have about an hour before I have to leave so decided to sit down here and leave a message on my blog.  No photos, sorry.

Our program tonight should be really interesting.  Members are asked to bring any fabric bags or purses they have made plus the pattern.  They will tell about the bag and then all bags/purses will be laid out on tables for everyone to look at.  They can write down the pattern name and designer if they decide that is something they might like to make. 

I have several I am taking that I made plus a purse that my sister made me and one that I bought on our mini quilt auction a few years ago that is decorated with wool appliqued poinsettias.  It is beautiful.

I do plan to take my camera tonight so hope to get photos of some of them and can show them on a later blog. 

We are getting thunder storms all around us this afternoon and it just sprinkled here a little while ago.  I guess that is a sure sign of spring right?  Another sign of spring is seeing the birds around the yard.  As I sit at my sewing machine I can watch the comings and goings of the black bird that has built a nest in one of our blue spruce trees and a robin going in and out of the one next to it.  John and I went out after lunch today and the black bird has a nice nest built but no eggs yet and the robin has eggs in her nest.  She flew away when John was peeking through the prickly branches to see.  She did come right back after he left though.

The trees are getting tall enough we have had nesting birds in them for the last 2-3 years.  Last year even one of the newer trees we planted on the east side of our driveway had a robin's nest in it about 2 feet off the ground.  I was surprised that one of our cats didn't discover the nest.  Our old shop cat - Mr. Cat - hunts around the trees all the time but think he mainly stays on the ground as the branches are tight and really prickly.  We have seen him catch mice and baby rabbits around those trees.  I know, baby rabbits are cute but they grow up and eat all my garden off so am glad the farm cats can catch a few.

The cortisone shot in my shoulder is really taking hold I think.  Last night I didn't even need the propped up pillow to rest my arm on to sleep and today it feels pretty good.  Granted I am not pushing it by testing where I know the sore areas are when I reach behind me - just not doing that, but overall it does feel better and hope it keeps it up.

You know I really get gabby when I sit down at the computer anymore.  I think I will have a short post then before you know it it is probably too long and talking about things that no one really cares to read.  Oh, well guess that is just me.  When I was young I was very shy and didn't grow out of it until I was in college but now people can hardly believe I was ever shy since I do talk a lot.  My theory is I held it in for so many years it is just free flowing now, like it or not.

Jabber Jaws Over and Out,

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tich said...

Keep on talking! It's interesting - and fun!


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