Friday, October 29, 2010

Feathers All Marked

Here it is....feathers all marked but don't know what i want to quilt in the reddish print borders yet so it is going to sit for a bit while I think.

We are having hunters here from Cincinnatti this weekend anyway so I don't have time to do anything anyway.  Maybe I will get an idea while I am cleaning and entertaining.  Pheasant season opens this weekend and these same fellows come each year.  They enjoy hunting with John and the other guys and all the wives and kids get together with them in the evenings.  They stay in a local motel and we eat out on Friday and Saturday night but they are all coming here on Sunday evening for dinner....they do the cooking and cleaning up so I think that is pretty wonderful.  We will be having steak and all the fixins and it is always yummy.   Started cleaning up my house earlier in the week as I get fatigued and have to sit and rest my ankle periodically, besides I just can't do it all in one day like I used to.

"Talk" to you all in a few days.


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