Sunday, October 3, 2010

Threads Across Nebraska

 I spent the day in Grand Island on Saturday at Threads Across Nebraska. Was a fun day spent looking at all the quilts, shopping the vendors and especially visiting with quilting friends. It was so much fun to have my doll beds and miniatures on display. The chairman of Threads arranged to have a curio cabinet delivered from a Grand Island store for me to put my doll beds into for display. That worked out great and they were secure as well.

The small miniature wall hangings were hung on the PVC pipe stands for display.  Since they are small they all fit.

I realized when I went to get out of the car in Grand Island that morning I didn't have my camera with me. Of course I blame it on my good friend ;-) Janet gave me the best insulated cup that I take with me everywhere and I wanted to take it with me that morning. I stopped by the refrigerator as I was leaving the house to fill it with ice and water. Of course I sat my camera on the counter and after I put the lid on the cup I headed out to the car, forgetting the camera. Now don't you think I should blame my friend since she gave me the cup, or am I reaching....hmmm?

Well, it is a good thing  Janet was at Threads vending for her store Quilter's Delight. She let me borrow her camera then sent the photos to me this afternoon. Now that is a good friend!
I don't get photos taken of myself too I know why.  How come I never look the way I think I look....tall, young, slim, etc.?  Maybe it was my flowered ruffled shirt!


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tich said...

What a magnificent display and what a huge amount of work!! You should be so proud!!


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