Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marking the Vine

I want to quilt a vine/leaf shape on the two sides just like the fused ones on the opposite sides. Remember what the wall hanging looks like...fused vine and leaves on only two sides.
 After thinking over my options I came up with the following solution. I placed a large piece of thin paper over the fused vine and traced the shape. I darkened it with a softer lead pencil then pinned it in the position I wanted the quilted vines and leaves. I used a Hera marker to crease the lines...a Hera marker is just a piece of sharpened plastic. I you don't have one a dull table knife might do the same thing.
The Hera marker left creases were the design was. I then took a chalk marker and darkened the lines.  One thing I didn't mention above is that I had problems keeping a perfectly parallel second line with the Hera marker. I marked 1/2" dots with the chalk pencil using my ruler then connected them to mark the second line of the vine.
Here it is all ready to stitch. Notice I have the bubbles stitched up to the fused vine already.
Happy Quilting,

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