Friday, October 15, 2010

New Iron

Here is my newest purchase....a Reliable Velocity Iron.

I have gotten so frustrated with all of the irons I have purchased the last few years.  Seams like they don't last long before they die or else they start spitting or leaking water spots all over anything I want to press.  Years ago I purchased an expensive Rowenta Iron which I loved at first but the temperature dial came off after a few months so I sent it in to be fixed...cost over $10 for shipping each way.  When the iron arrived home it worked for a couple of days then the new dial fell off.  I just couldn't see sending it in again when it was so pricey.  The next Rowenta iron was less expensive but started spitting dirty water a few months after I got it so gave it up.  These irons were not cheap either which was so disappointing.  I followed the guidelines on the type of water to use in them too so know that wasn't the problem.

I decided after those two experiences with expensive irons I would just buy cheap, and I mean cheap irons. I would get them at around $10-$12 and if they started spitting in a year or so I wouldn't feel bad. Some even leaked water which wasn't good either.

This latest iron I have had for a while is a Shark and it has been pretty good but after reading Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times blog on this Reliable Velocity iron I decided to purchase one for myself. It is not an inexpensive iron but liked the idea of a steam generator so the water can't drip out the holes. So far I love it, love it, LOVE IT!
Last night I ironed a 100% cotton shirt that John has that I just hate. It is always a wrinkled mess and hard to iron every time it is laundered. I have had to resort to starch to get the wrinkles out because when I say wrinkled I mean wrinkles that are almost set into the fabric. I used this iron and no starch and it was perfect. I didn't have to go over and over areas to get the wrinkles out either.

The iron is a little heavy but if it does the job I will not mind. As you can see from the photos the sole of the iron is larger than the Shark iron too. It is taller because of the steam generator also.
Here is the information that was on the side of the box in case you are interested. I will let you know if this iron konks out on me or if I have problems but think I am finally going to love my iron.

Have a great day!


Chris said...

Good to know. I'm using a cheapie and I know exactly what you mean about ironing a shirt over and over and it still looks wrinkled. Tried another iron at a retreat, and there was a world of difference.

Marsha said...

Thinking about this iron for myself. I've had three Rowenta irons and was eventually disappointed in all of them. I've gone the cheapie iron route, too. Keep us posted as to how you like the Reliable as you use it more.

Judy Laquidara said...

I use this iron every day while quilting and so far, it has not leaked or spit one drop. After a couple of months of using it, I hardly notice how heavy it is and I LOVE it! Hope you continue to like yours.


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