Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OK - Feathers It Is

I love quilting feathers!!! This quilt will have mini feathers in two places for that very reason. One place they will be is inside the borders and another  is on the outside border.

Here is how I drew the feathered undulating lines to fit the inside spaces. First I measured the length and width of the section where I wanted the feathers to go. I transferred those measurements to paper and then divided the lengths into segments and drew smooth curves to make the center undulating line of the feathers. I wanted to make a fancy transition on the sides where the feathers meet so drew feathered designs to fit those spaces. On this small corner I just eyeballed and free hand drew the curves and the feathers trying to make a smooth transition between each feather. I just drew one corner then marked each of the quilt corners with this one design.  Everything is first drawn in pencil then I go over the drawing with a marker.  The darker lines will all show with my makeshift light box.

To transfer the design to the quilt I place a light on the shelf that my sewing machine sits on in the cabinet. The surface around the machine is a clear plastic so I just tape down my design then tape the quilt over the design in the proper position and trace the design onto the quilt.  If this were a larger quilt this space would be too small but for a miniature this is a big enough "light box."

Tomorrow the other feathered border.


1 comment:

Mary L. said...

Love the basket quilt and it's going to be stunning with these feathers.


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