Thursday, October 28, 2010

Part Two - Feathers

 I approached the border feathered units the same way I did the inside feathers. The only difference was I cut myself a template to mark the curves of the spine of the feather. I used the same curve for both the shorter side and the longer side. The long side is about 3/4" longer than the short side. I just adjusted each segment a tiny bit - you can't even see the difference but it takes up that extra length to make the design flow.
Uh-Oh...The Big Mistake!
As you can see from the first photo on this blog entry I goofed a little when I transferred my measurements to the paper for the short side so just marked it with slashes and moved ahead. I then made a mistake on the long side too....was watching my favorite college football team and got distracted. (American football and of course the team is the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers!) I did have to start over on it since my corner design was just not in the corner. How did I do that for pity sakes?

This last photo is the finished border to get them all marked onto the quilt



Sharyn said...

Thank you SO much for leaving a comment on one of my blogs, that is how I found yours...I get really excited when I find a blog that actually has something to say and says it fairly often :)

I'm adding you to my side bar, and will be back later to read at leisure.

Elaine Adair said...

This is going to be stunning!

Chris said...

Feathers is one thing I look forward to mastering in the future. I'll be eager to see your quilt comes together!


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